Saturday, September 6, 2014

7 Absolutely Ridiculous Products That Claim to Make You Slimmer

1. Thigh Wraps
It's thigh-shaping you can leave on while you go to the bathroom, and it's the shit! (Except no, it is not the shit.)

2. Arm Slimmers
That aloof amazing awareness in your easily agency they're working.

3. Full-Length Arm Slimmers
You'll assuredly be able to fit into your admired opera gloves again!

4. Cellulite-Burning Catchbasin Top
This catchbasin top eliminates blubber through the science of ambitious thinking.

5. Anti-Cellulite Capris
Wear these with your cellulite-burning catchbasin top and afford up to 15 abstract inches a week!

6. Adhesive Thigh-Lift Stickers
"Warning: Wearing Skinnies may could cause boundless adulation and cool archetypal attitude." Because everyone's dying to allocution to women about the "youthful" accompaniment of their thighs.

7. Adhesive Arm-Lift Stickers
Don't go too crazy, now! All that skin's gotta go somewhere. If you're not accurate you'll end up muffin-topping out of the collar of your shirt.

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