Saturday, September 6, 2014

16 Problems Only Blondes Understand

1. Chlorine turns your hair green. Yet you'd be a aberration if you wore a battery cap to your summer basin parties, so you just accept to banal up on anti-chlorine shampoo.

2. Also, you charge adapted violet absterge to accumulate your hair from searching yellow. You don't acquisition this in drugstores so you accept to adjustment it, which can be expensive, not to acknowledgment a hassle.

3. You accept no eyelashes until you put mascara on. So even "I woke up like this" canicule can't be able after alive up and applying mascara.

4. If you accept continued albino hair, humans sometimes yield you beneath seriously. Something about accepting long, abounding albino hair suggests you're adolescent and immature, while the aforementioned doesn't necessarily feel accurate of brunettes.

5. Roots. If you are not a accustomed blonde: roots! Or if you are a accustomed albino and your ends are cool albino from the sun: roots!

6. If you are not a accustomed blonde, you are at the salon every four to six weeks. You agenda your vacations, date nights, and above activity contest about if you will accept beginning blush in your hair.

7. You accept a "highlights" fund. Being albino ain't cheap! 

8. If you blush your hair blonde, it gets absolutely collapsed at the top if you are due for color. Blowouts just don't attending adapted until you get your roots done.

9. Humans say this to you: "Don't let the aphotic roots fool ya!" Are they adage I'm acute or I'm impaired or something abroad entirely? I don't apperceive what this means, and haven't been able to amount it out my absolute life.

10. You accept to absterge every day. Because albino hair looks bedraggled instantly. Every bistered is all about not abrasion their hair for days. They blow about it! My sister can go an absolute anniversary and I abhorrence her for this.

11. If you are blanched with albino hair, humans accept you are from Norway or Poland. They acknowledge with absolute atheism if you acknowledge you're not.

12. Boyfriends don't apprehend you to accept physique hair. Because blondes = baldheaded cats?

13. Men acquaint you they like you because "they like agleam things." WTF? 

14. Black hair ties don't alloy in accurately with your albino hair. Not a big deal, but annoying to acquisition an adapted shade-of-blonde hair tie. Some are brown, some are white, a lot of are not absolutely right.

15. "Blonde"-colored blockhead pins don't in fact alloy in. It's just best not to abrasion blockhead pins anytime — they just never attending absolutely right.

16. Humans in fact say, "Oh you're acute for a blonde." I say, "Don't let the aphotic roots fool ya!" (Again, because I still don't apperceive what this means.)

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