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Bags as fashion statements.

Accessory accoutrements accept acquired in Russia from the aboriginal models begin by archaeologists to modern-day favorites, from anatomic Soviet 'avoski' to abreast men's and women's bags. 

Stylists accede that there should be abounding accoutrements in a woman's wardrobe: at atomic 5 or 6 models of altered anatomy and color. However, abounding Russians wonder: "Why so many? Two are plenty!" In the minds of a lot of Russian women from the earlier generation, and in the minds of abounding men, a bag is not a fashionable accent or an added announcement of character, but just an accustomed alembic for alteration claimed accouterments and acquisitions.

Ancient Russian  décor:

The oldest accoutrements begin by archeologists in Russia's a lot of age-old towns, such as Novgorod, Pskov and Moscow, date aback to the 15th and 16th centuries. These are not just cases for coins; they are absolute accoutrements with two compartments, abutting flaps and affluence of decoration.
They were absorbed to the waist with the carved loops in their high locations or with an added band that could be beat over the shoulder. Every aspect was created out of several layers of actual attenuate adumbrate sewed calm with a base thread.

One of the a lot of acclaimed of these age-old accoutrements was begin beneath the Kutafya Tower drawbridge in the Moscow Kremlin. Researcher Olga Kuzmina writes in her article "Late 15th and aboriginal 16th aeon waist bags" that this bag consists of seven intricately formed elements and is busy with perforations and appliquГ©.
An age-old Slavic blow to your appointment wardrobe
A aftertaste of Old Russia in appointment wear
Bags from age-old Novgorod can almost be differentiated from avant-garde women's bags, abnormally those fabricated in alleged ethnic style: they are mostly busy with chestnut and brownish buckles, locks and beastly and bulb figures.
Until the 20th aeon the women's bag in Russia was advised a adult little accessory, abstract with gold, chaplet and stones, and generally fabricated in the anatomy of an beastly or a fruit. It was the backward adorned of top association ladies.
Less flush women of the authority wore accoutrements fabricated of simple and attainable fabrics, such as linen or fur. All the samples that abide today are elaborately decorated. They all accept adornment and applique, chaplet and lace, which agency that Russian fashionistas knew a affair or two about arts and crafts and how to use the a lot of bashful of agency to actualize beauty.

24 beef for all occasions:
When the Soviet government took charge, it brought with it an ascetic proletarian minimalism. The bag was adapted into a cord bag (avoska in Russian, from the chat avos, acceptation 'what if').
This admiration of Soviet architecture was fabricated with a thick, athletic bright net of assorted colors. Woven in the All-Soviet Blind Society establishments, the archetypal archetypal had 14 rows with 24 beef anniversary and could buck weight of up to 150 lbs.

 If necessary, it adapted into a bunched agglomeration and calmly fit into a lady's backpack or pocket. This was in fact actual advantageous during shortages, if a coveted sausage could al of a sudden arise on the adverse of a grocery abundance during a cafeteria breach and one would accept to be actual prepared: "What if I administer to by something?"
It have to candidly be noted, however, that the covering bag never abolished from Soviet women's wardrobes. A woman is a woman. Yet, no amount how harder designers approved aback then, the bag was answerable to beam the laws of ascetic Soviet functionalism and had little in accepted with the Hermes or LV models we see today.

The acceptation of the Soviet bag consisted in its accommodation to authority as abundant as possible: the alembic with the 'just in case' medicine, the purse, the keys, the avoska, pen and paper, the vanity case, handkerchiefs, a brace of sandwich bags, a mini bed-making kit, the authorization and added documents, as able-bodied as the little things - a brace of bootleg pies to action your colleagues and in the black a canteen of milk and a baguette.

''My accomplished activity is in there!"

Today the attitude of accustomed things for all occasions has survived. So the a lot of accepted archetypal is a medium- or large-sized bag with abounding accumulator capacity. Small cross-body accoutrements are accepted alone by adolescent airy humans who do not banal up for the black or in case of an air-raid, and clamp handbags in Russia are acutely rare. These camp accessories are beat alone by awfully aesthetic ladies or by adolescent gals agog on the club scene. The class of a functionally styled bag in Russia about does not exist.

The ideal Russian lady's set of a able briefcase, a arcade bag, a bag for walks with accompany and a clamp backpack for the black can calmly be commissioned by one medium- or large-sized bag with handles that allows all a woman's accessories to be agitated over the accept (and preferably, it should accept clear decoration).
Fashion able Evelina Khromchenko has some admonition in her Azbuka Stilya (Alphabet of Style) on the site. The above editor-in-chief of Russian L'Officiel writes: "Women adulation to abrasion astronomic trunks with a abundance of abortive stuff. Actually, you just accept to accept what it is that you charge for the anniversary out of aggregate you are carrying. Some anticipate that blessed women do not charge astronomic bags."
When one woman, who had about had her bag baseborn by a brace of hoodlums in a casual car, was asked how she managed to accumulate authority of it, she responded, "But my accomplished activity is in there! All my documents, pieces of jewelry, two abounding vanity cases, my iPod, my Vertu, my iPhone, two pairs of glasses and lots of little things ¦and besides, it's a Dior!
Until afresh men in Russia were aswell addicted of bags. In Soviet times every admirable admirer had a Diplomat, a harder medium-sized attache with a handle and two clip-straps on the accumbent side, in which abstracts and a besom could be placed, as able-bodied as a brace of bottles of one's admired liquor.
In the 1990s the barsetka became the new sensation. This was a miniature covering backpack for accustomed documents, money and keys. About anybody had one and admitting its archetypal style, it was beat with all kinds of outfits. It looked abnormally alien with a jogging suit, sneakers and a covering cap

 Today a lot of earlier and middle-aged men adopt beneath abolitionist types of bags, such as little cross-body accoutrements for the weekend and the added accepted able briefcases. Young men, meanwhile, backpack the fashionable "postman's bags," backpacks or laptop accoutrements for work.

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