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What is Costume ?

Costume is the characteristic appearance of dress of a accurate people, class, or period. A apparel can be a accurate appearance of accouterment beat to portray the wearer as a appearance or blazon of appearance added than their approved persona at a amusing accident such as a masquerade, a adorned dress affair or in a theatre performance.

Type Of Costume:
Theatrical costume

One of the added arresting places humans see apparel is in theatre, blur and on television. In aggregate with added aspects, affected apparel can advice actors portray characters' age, gender role, profession, amusing class, personality, ethnicity, and even advice about the actual period/era, geographic area and time of day, as able-bodied as the division or acclimate of the affected performance. Often, august affected apparel can amplify some aspect of a character; for archetype Harlequin and Pantaloon in the Commedia dell'arte.

National costume:
National apparel or bounded apparel expresses bounded (or exiled) appearance and emphasises a culture's different attributes. It is generally a antecedent of civic pride. Examples of such are a Scotsman in a kilt or a Japanese getting in a kimono.

Holidays and festivals

The cutting of apparel has become an important allotment of such holidays and festivals as Mardi Gras and Halloween (see Halloween apparel for added information), and (to a bottom extent) humans may aswell abrasion apparel in affiliation with added holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. Mardi Gras apparel usually yield the anatomy of jesters and added fantasy characters, while Halloween apparel commonly yield the anatomy of abnormal creatures such as ghosts, vampires, pop ability icons and angels. In avant-garde times Halloween apparel sometimes aswell cover appearance appearance blazon costumes. Christmas and Easter apparel about portray allegorical characters such as Santa Claus (by donning a santa clothing and beard) or the Easter Bunny by putting on an beastly costume. Apparel may serve to portray assorted added characters during civil holidays, such as an Uncle Sam apparel beat on the Independence day for example.
In Judaism, a accepted convenance is to dress up on Purim. The Jews bless the change of their destiny. They were delivered from getting the victims of an angry decree adjoin them and were instead accustomed by the King to abort their enemies. A adduce from the Book of Esther, which says: "On the contrary"  is the acumen that cutting a apparel has become so accepted a part of the Jews on this holiday.

Children :

Costumes aswell serve as an access for accouchement to analyze and roleplay. Accouchement can dress up in assorted forms; for archetype characters from history or fiction like pirates, princesses or cowboys, accepted jobs like nurses or badge officers, or animals such as those apparent in zoos or farms.

Mascots :

Another actual accepted bearings area apparel are active are for antic events, area humans dressed as their team's adumbrative amulet advice the club or aggregation assemblage annular their team's cause. Beastly apparel which are visually actual agnate to amulet apparel are aswell accepted a part of the associates of the bristling fandom area they are referred to as fursuits that bout ones beastly persona, or fursona.


Cosplay, a chat of Japanese agent that's abbreviate for "costume play", is a achievement art in which participants abrasion apparel and accessories to represent a specific appearance or abstraction that is usually consistently articular with a different name (as against to a all-encompassing word). These apparel wearers generally collaborate to actualize a subculture centered on role play, so a lot of time they can be apparent in a play group, acquisition or convention. A cogent bulk of these kinds apparel may be originally advised or bootleg and unique, depending on the character, idea, or article the costumer wearer is attempting to imitate or represent. The apparel themselves are generally artistically advised to how able-bodied they represent the accountable or article that the apparel wearer is attempting to contrive.

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